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List of Products

Products listed below are owned and sold by : Kobe Healthcare Systems

Kobe Healthcare Systems, Co, is privately held corporation based in Bandung, a city at a four hours distance drive from the main capital city Jakarta-Indonesia. We have approximately 350 valued employees working in a modern 50,000 square metre facility. We specialize in the production medical healthcare system & parts.


    Tourniquet Bladders

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    Comprehensively we have add another our finest selection of latex free bladder for you. Tourniquet Bladder!! With of course colors and sizes can be customized as requested.Latex Free BladderType: TourniquetMaterial: EPDM


    Conical Bladders

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    Assurance to quality with a range of models. Conical bladders designed to complete your collections. Also available in a ray of sizes.Latex Free BladdersType: ConicalMaterial: EPDM


    Latex Free Bladder with 2 Holes

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    Outstanding quality of additional series of our latex free products. Latex Free Bladders with 2 Holes


    Metpak Bladders (High Pressure Infuser)

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    The Metpak Bladders High Pressure offers you in the reliability and performance of the sphygmomanometers. Also available in colors.Latex Free Bladder.Type: Metpak, TourniquetMaterial: EPDM


    Coiled Tube

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    Coiled tube


    Mask Harness

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    Anesthesia partsMask HarnessModels: Infant, child, adult


    Latex Free Bladders Conventional Types

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    Another enchanting presentation from our Latex Free Bladders types. Conventional types also available in various colors and sizes as requested.Latex Free Bladder.Type: ConventionalMaterial: EPDM


    Cotton Cuffs

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    Our deluxe calibrated cotton cuff with hook and loop closure, assures many years of unequaled service. Owing to the fact that, we are happy to provide you with our cotton cuffs. Available in black, blue, red, grey, and other colors as requested, for Infant, Child, Adult, and large adult.